Is Your Private Practice Marketing HIPAA Compliant?

Cydoc & Carl White

Today the Cydoc team is pleased to feature Carl White, founder of MarketVisory Group, an organization that focuses on helping private practices in healthcare stay private. Cydoc works with private practices to help save 10 minutes per patient visit via our Smart Patient Intake Form, which generates notes from patient intake. We're excited to interview Carl, who has over 20 years of experience doing marketing in healthcare. For much of his career he worked at Baxter and Hollister. Then, in 2017, he launched MarketVisory Group to broaden his reach and work with a wide variety of doctors, clinicians, and patients. Carl is a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant. He lives in Northbrook, IL.

Carl White

What motivated you to start MarketVisory Group, and what services do you offer physicians?

MarketVisory Group is a healthcare marketing agency. We help doctors, dentists, and any other type of provider that owns their own practice to grow. Our services cover local organic marketing - websites, SEO, reputation and reviews, social media, email, and a few other tactical elements. We also help practices figure out what their competitive difference is. In other words, patients have choices. A prospective patient can choose  my client or a competitor. What compelling reason does my client have to be chosen instead of a competitor? I’ve been in healthcare marketing for much of my working career. My parents owned a pharmacy when I was growing up and I worked in it all the time. I worked in large corporate healthcare companies as an adult, and then I started MarketVisory Group. I love marketing and healthcare, so continuing to do so as an entrepreneur was a requirement. Overall, our passion is private practices and our mission is to help private practices stay private.

Often, HIPAA compliance isn’t discussed in the context of marketing a practice. How do HIPAA compliance and marketing intersect, and what should physicians keep in mind as they are marketing their practices?

Certain marketing activities can expose a marketing agency to Protected Health Information (PHI). A physician practice is a “Covered Entity” in the eyes of HIPAA. A Covered Entity can share PHI only with approved third parties and only in approved ways. A common example in marketing is a contact form on a website. Most contact forms ask for a name, an email address, and a phone number. Already that counts as PHI. Additionally, most contact forms ask for a description of what’s going on, or just more information. Many people also detail their clinical problems in that space. If we’re the marketing agency for a client with a contact form on their website and we can log into the website, which we can for all of our clients, we can read those contact forms. Without a HIPAA compliant relationship set up, the practice has violated HIPAA. We can set up that relationship with any client that isn’t prepared to do so.

What are your future plans for MarketVisory Group?

Continue to help private practice owners stay private. In addition to our marketing services, I also host a podcast, PracticeCare, that is devoted to the business side of private practice. Search “PracticeCare” on Google, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts, and many other platforms and you’ll find us. We release a new episode every week and are approaching our 100th episode.

How can our readers reach out to you or follow you on social media?

Readers can contact us via our website, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Thank you Carl for joining us today!

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